Need caravan damage repairs due to hail?

We provide caravan hail damage repair service NSW wide,
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Caravan hail damage repair
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Our caravan hail damage repair process:

Our professional team can assist you in entire process of repairing hail damaged caravan such as hail damage assessment, and
submitting estimation quote to insurer with your claim number. Have a look at our easy steps:

Lodge your claim with your insurance company.
Once claim accepted, book into us for caravan hail damage assessment with your claim number.
We will submit our hail damaged caravan repair estimate quote to your insurer.
Once estimation approved, we will work with you to schedule repair.
Your caravan is given back to you looking like new.
Caravan Hail Dent Removal

How we repair the
hail damaged caravan?

A hail damaged caravan is usually still structurally sound, yet it’s look and resale value will drop significantly. Most caravans are clad in a unique profile set by that manufacturer (similar to colorbond fencing), and if so, they are aluminium clad from the top down. This means that we find the highest damaged sheet and remove all sheets from this point to the bottom and resheet with new cladding, ensuring we restore it back to original. Hail damage to a roof is fixed in a similar way except that the sheeting can be run in either direction.

We have repair centres that cover all areas including:

Penrith in Sydney’s West, Morisset and Newcastle and surrounds, Nowra on the NSW South Coast, Port Maquarie and Coffs Harbour.

What methods are used to repair a hail damaged caravan?

The method we will use to repair your van will depend on the material used to construct your caravan originally. No matter if your van is aluminum sheeting, aluminium clad caravan or fiberglass there’s a caravan hail damage repair method that will bring your van back to new again.


Most dent repairs on Aluminium cladded carvans are done by removing the sections that are damaged and replacing them with new sheeting. This way there is no remaining dents or cosmetic issue visible.


We have a unique fiberglass gel coat that is used to repair hail damaged caravans with smooth fiberglass sides. This repair is done onsite without the removal of any fiberglass sheeting.

Caravan Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal is a process that can remove dents from a caravan without replacing sheeting, or patching walls. This method is only used for dents where there is no paint damage and they are away from any seams.
Why choose Caravan Hail Repairs?

Why choose us?

Mother nature can be cruel and when it comes to damage hail is the worst. Our team of Caravan hail damage repairers can fix all hail damage quickly and efficiently getting you back on the road and ensuring your RV looks it’s best.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can you assess a caravan and send the quote to my insurer?

Absolutely, our team is qualified to assess and recreation vehicle. We can the email your quote to your insurance company.

Do I need to have claim number when you assess the caravan hail damage?

Yes – Before you give us a call you should touch base with your insurance company so that they can provide you with your claim number.

Can I use my Caravan for holidays, once an assessment done?

Technically, yes – We have no issue with you using your caravan in-between assessment and repair. However – if your caravan is extensively damaged and may be exposed to elements such as rain or more hail it wouldn’t be advisable.

How long will it take to repair the caravan once the approval has been granted?

This depends on the extent of the damage, but we will make sure to speak with you and update you as to the approximate time frame when booking it in.

Can you assess and repair any brand of caravan?

Yes - We have the facilities and expertise to assess and repair all locally made and imported caravans.

What’s the next step when claim has been approved?

Once accepted, we will touch base with you and work out a suitable time and day for repair. We will also give you a time frame that your RV will be off the road.

Can I use my caravan, when it’s been booked to carry out the repair?

Once again, as long as your caravan is roadworthy and safe to tow and we’re all confident that it’s still waterproof then yes.

If my caravan is not insured can you assist me?

Yes we can. We can still talk to you about your options and costs involved in the repair. We can also still repair your hail damaged caravan.